Destiny Homes Client Testimonials

Our customers will tell you themselves – Destiny Homes listens to the details that matter to you and delivers on promises.

Tom and Karen Stauber

Tom and Karen Stauber talk about the “trust factor” with Destiny Homes and how it mattered in construction of their new home.

We wouldn’t use anyone but Butch and Liz. There really was no choice. They were the ones, because over the years, the relationship we had developed, they understood who we were. They understood what we needed. They took the time to get to know us, as individuals, as a family.

Kay and Kevin Madden

Kay and Kevin Madden talk about their luxury kitchen remodel, outdoor room, and “a million little projects”.

I think Kay put it right, “What haven’t they done?” Butch and Liz, I think they started with understanding what your needs are. A lot of times it is that last five percent that really makes the difference between good contractors and great contractors. And these guys close strong.

Paul and Destini Molitor

Paul and Destini Molitor talk about the details that mattered as they engaged Destiny Homes, a Minneapolis home builder on construction of their first home. Over the years they continued ongoing decorating projects, and becoming friends with Butch and Liz.

Whenever something happens, we say “You had better call Liz”. There is no question, how ever small your request is or however big your request is, they are concerned with the smallest details. It is not surprising that most of the clients they have eventually becomes friends because that is the type of people they are.