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Your Trusted Deephaven Remodeling and Deephaven New Home Construction and Design Company

For more than 35 years, Destiny Homes has been the premier provider of remodeling and new home construction in Deephaven, Minnesota.

We specialize in Deephaven home renovations, Deephaven new home builds and intricate Deephaven home and remodeling designs that create “beautiful destinations you call home” with unique and customized interior design concepts and furnishings to unite home and vision with seamless continuity.

We are well-known as a trusted and reputable new home build and renovation company in the Deephaven Minnesota area due to our extensive experience in the construction of new homes, additions, and landscapes that fit your lifestyle.

Deephaven Minnesota Home Renovations
By choosing to have your Deephaven Minnesota home remodeled or renovated, you have the option to keep what you’ve already invested, yet also customize your home to fit your family’s needs precisely. It’s a win-win! Deephaven Home Remodeling is easier on your bank account and less hassle, as long as you find the right contractor.

Destiny Homes of Deephaven Minnesota can help from start to finish and with every part of the process, including design and implementation. We have the experience it takes to ensure that your project is exactly what you envisioned and is completed within budget and on-time.

Once we decide on a plan that meets your needs and budget, our goal is to create a classic design that flows with the rest of your home and that can stand the test of time.

Deephaven Minnesota New Home and Remodel Design
After over three decades of new home and remodel design, Destiny Homes is fluent in understanding needs and incorporating classic design to create a safe and treasured oasis for you and your family.
When working with clients looking for new home design in Deephaven, Minnesota (or need design services for remodeling projects), our goal is to ensure that functionality is improved and we incorporate every possibility that increases the quality of life within the home.

Our process begins by evaluating your needs (along with your wants) and exploring every design and build possibility with you. Our extensive work in design build for over 30 years has provided us with expansive knowledge and we are happy to use that information in order to provide you with the best experience possible. Whatever your budget, we will deliver a viable solution at the highest standards, all while providing superior customer service and an unforgettable experience.

Our customers trust us to present solutions, realistic completion dates, and the highest-quality materials budget will allow. Our team takes great pride in their professionalism and gives thoughtful attention to every detail of the work.

Call Destiny Homes at 952-479-7653 to talk about your Deephaven Minnesota Home Build, Home Renovations or Home Design project.

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