Fall, Winter Maintenance Tips

Fall, Winter Maintenance TipsThe leaves are falling, and the days are getting shorter, and this also means it’s time to get prepped for Fall, Winter Maintenance with the colder temperatures to come.

To help you out we have created a handy list of fall to-dos:

Winterize Sprinklers and Exterior Spigots: Any water left in the sprinkler system or pipes could freeze, crack and ruin the system. This inexpensive task can save more than $$$ in total replacement. Have a sprinkler company blow out your system and be sure to turn off the water to any exterior spigots.

Gutter Cleaning: The leaves likely haven’t all fallen yet but will soon. Gutters that are full of leaves can hold water and pull down your entire gutter system, and sometimes parts of your roof. Gutters are way easier to clean when it’s done regularly, and if you clean them before the first snowfall you can help prevent ice dams.

Dryer Vents: WASH your lint traps off at least once a month. Yes–I said to wash them off! Before you do that, run a little water on the screen so you can see how much the lint screen restricts the airflow. If restricted, your dryer works much harder and burns out twice as fast! Don’t use dryer sheets unless you wash the screens out every month as they make the screens clog up much faster.

Furnace Maintenance: Naturally, you need to change your furnace filter if you haven’t since last winter, but also hire a furnace repairman to make sure your unit is in tip-top shape. A quick tune-up can identify problems before they start, and help optimize your system for the brutal months ahead.

Humidifier Filters: These need to be inspected and cleaned or replaced. If they are reusable filters, be sure to completely clean the filter of any mineral deposits.

Also, make sure that the humidity level in your home is adjusted throughout the winter as this will help control the amount of window moisture and minimize the wood floor gaping that will happen better.

Mice: Mice have been storing food for the winter and if you see them now around your home, it probably means they have been storing the food inside your house all summer—Sorry to say, that is what they do all summer—-You need to find the source of penetration that they have used all summer to get their food into your home—They really don’t magically start coming in when it is cold—They plan ahead all summer—Find the holes in your siding and foundation now and fill them and then set traps in the house to remove the ones that made it inside already.

Fireplace Cleaning: If you have a wood-burning fireplace you need to have the flue inspected for and cleaned of creosote. In addition, the flue should be inspected for any blockage, if your chimney cap is damaged (or you don’t have one) a bird or other critter may have used this space to nest! If you prefer the ease of a gas fireplace, be sure to clean the glass and the fireplace interior. Consider an inspection and cleaning by a qualified service technician.

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have questions on any of these items or if you need help with any projects that you or anyone need to complete this fall or winter. As always, we appreciate your referrals to family and friends as well! Please feel free to forward the attached checklist to them as well!

Enjoy the fall colors


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