Remodeling’s Big Three

It’s January in Minnesota: it’s cold, icy, and so dry your skin feels like sandpaper. Your heating bills are killing you, your humidifier is working overtime, and you’re avoiding the shower since the bathroom never feels warm. It’s time to consider remodeling.

Turning your old home into a more comfortable and livable residence is what my team lives for, so give us a call. But first, there are three big questions that you need to think about before you take the plunge.

How it functions vs. how good it looks Unless you’ve just won the lottery, your remodeling project will have a budget. How you divvy up those dollars is your first big decision. You need to determine the right balance between what it takes to improve your home’s comfort and function with cool new colors, products and finishes that can turn your old home into a HGTV-ready show place. Sit down with your partner to prioritize your wants and needs. Make a list of what you don’t love about your home today, and what you’d love to see when it’s remodeled. This won’t be an either/or proposition, but there will be compromises. Having a firm agreement about your top priorities will make the process much easier.

How you live today vs. how you’ll live tomorrow Another decision is how much you want to invest in creating a home that offers livability as you age . Research shows that 87 percent of adults 65 or older and 71 percent of people 50-64 want to stay in their home as they age. If this is you, think about adding features that will serve you when your knees make stairs more difficult or your eyesight begins to fail.

Styles you love today vs. what’s going to get old fast I’ve seen kitchens go from pure white to dark cherry with ornate furniture styled cabinetry, and then back to white a few years ago. Styles come and go, colors even more quickly. Make it a point to collect photos (Pinterest and Houzz are great resources, or just take a look at the photos at to find styles and colors that you’d love to wake up to every morning.

Once you’ve thought about and discussed these three remodeling basics, it’s time to give me a call. My team would love to help you turn your old home into one you’ll love, winter and summer . Remember, at Destiny Homes we promise to deliver what you need on budget, on time and stress-free from the first conversation through the final walkthrough and beyond.

Visit our website at Destiny-homes .com or call me at 612-801-7244.


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