What’s Cooking with Kitchen Remodeling? Part 3: Trending Style

From high-tech to high-convenience to high-fashion, today’s remodeled kitchen trends are about comfort, function and personality…yours. Here are some of the latest kitchen trends to consider, but remember, trends come and go so make sure your choices will make you happy today but also in a few years.

There are tons of ways you can personalize your kitchen to suit your needs, whether it’s ensuring you have dual phone ports or maybe a drop-down monitor to conveniently refer to all those Pinterest recipes you love. You can find super-smart appliances and a whole host of specialized cabinetry for spices, baking sheets and the like. One caution, just because it’s cool doesn’t mean you need it. Think about how you live in your kitchen before you add something you’d seldom use.

White has been the ruling hue in kitchens for several years and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Although today, you might see some interesting neutrals or chalky pastels replacing white as a kitchen’s background palette. All are perfect for layering on your own favorite colors and patterns.

Home style is a lot like fashion these days, variety and personal choice has replaced conformity to the current fad. Whether your heart sings when you’re embraced with warm shades of turmeric and chili peppers or you’re refreshed with cool blue and dove gray, you’ll find interesting ways to add just the right touch to your spaces.

One great option is to use a favorite color on the island cabinetry. It’s a great look and a fun way to make your own statement. Of course, countertops can also become a focal point. While white is gaining in popularity, your countertop can delight with a bright pop of color or draw the eye to a rich veining of natural stone. You can also look at contrasting perimeter counters (maybe a deep neutral) with a statement stone at the island.

Backsplashes are another fun way to personalize your space. White subway tiles are still appearing everywhere, but so are mosaics, glass, brick, even mirrored tiles that let you create a rich Moroccan tapestry or a modern shimmer of opalescence. Or forego the backsplash altogether and use windows to frame a wooded backyard or lake view perfectly.

Finally, don’t stress out about matching lighting, faucets and knobs. Mixed metals are all the rage, so those copper pendants you love might work well with old-fashioned bronze drawer pulls and an artifact-styled matte black faucet.

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