Dirty Dog. Solution: Pet Washing Station

It’s not, “Look what the cat dragged in,” but look what the dog rolled in and then dragged around the house. Even a simple walk around the block can mean muddy paws, burrs and leaves, wet fur all tracked inside.

More and more of my dog-owning clients are asking for pet washing stations. Whether a small shower or a waist-high tub area, the mud room/laundry room, which is usually located near an outside or garage door for easy access, is the perfect spot.

We have found that what works best is a custom-built area that fits a homeowner’s needs in terms of their own height as well as the number, age and size of their dog(s).

Any table-height station should include stairs to accommodate larger and/or older dogs. There should be a handheld sprayer with a long hose and, if your dog likes to bolt, you might want a hook where you can attach a leash.

Keep in mind, if you opt for a small shower stall, it can also double as a boot washing station or a place for young children to wash off after a foray into the backyard.

In either case, the dog wash area should include plenty of storage for towels, shampoos and dog brushes, food bowls, leashes and dog toys.

Since almost 50% of U.S. households own dogs, the dog wash station should be a great resale asset. To make sure that’s so, work with a builder or designer who will create a wash room that really fits with the rest of your home’s décor. That means, for example, tiled walls and scratch- and water-resistant wood look porcelain floors, durable and beautiful cabinetry and countertop materials that match those in your kitchen.

It’s likely that your dog couldn’t possibly love you any more than he or she already does. But if the rest of your house – and your aching back – could talk, they would, at least, thank you.

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