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They say that married people or those in a relationship with a life partner have the highest life satisfaction when their partners are their best friends. By “they” I mean the people over at the National Bureau of Economic Research. (A few years back they did a study called “How’s Life at Home? New Evidence on Marriage and the Set Point for Happiness.”) Now I won’t suggest you have to be best buddies with your remodeler, but after more than 40 years as a remodeling contractor, I have found that many of the attributes of a best friend are the same ones you’ll want to look for when you’re
searching for a remodeler.

Best friends:
Look out for you.
Your contractor should care about you and respect your home. For example, contractors should clean up after themselves at the end of each work day. We use a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) vacuum that runs 24/7 during a project. It removes 60 percent of the dust and fumes so you can breathe a little easier.

Aren’t disappearing on you any time soon.
Our goal is to build relationships that last forever. A good contractor should let you know that he or she will be there to take care of you five years down the road.

Are available when you need them.
If you call a remodeler to discuss a project, he or she should get back to you within 24 hours. We at Destiny Homes know it can be done because we do it.

Will listen to you…
When a remodeler meets you, he or she should spend more time listening and less time talking. Sure, they want to show off their great business. But that’s not as important as hearing about your needs first.

…But will offer an opinion when you need it
If you’ve got a budget for a $35,000 kitchen remodel, but you want $50,000 worth of kitchen, your remodeler should help you value engineer and figure out where you want to splurge and where you want to hold back. A remodeler shouldn’t give you false promises just to snag the job. And they should work within the established budget.

Trust each other.
This is really the bottom line. A professional remodeler is transparent and honest about pricing and his or her abilities. We periodically survey our clients asking how we can make their project better and head off issues. Sometimes relationships need matchmakers. When you’re looking for a remodeler, be sure to ask friends and family who they would recommend and also check the database at
the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (www.NARI.org) and the BATC websites.

By Butch Sprenger, Owner, Destiny Homes


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