Selling Soon? Don’t Remodel

Many people ask me what they need to do to sell their homes right now. I say, not much. It’s a seller’s market, and as long as your home is clean and structurally sound, buyers are coming through – in many cases with offers over asking price.

But if you’re thinking about selling in the next five to ten years, now is the time to remodel. Here are some key features that will make your home stand out for resale down the road.

First, the two most important rooms to buyers are the kitchen and bathrooms. You want to have hardscape elements – counters, cabinets, flooring, that are up-to-date but not too trendy. There’s a reason white kitchens are so popular. It’s a classic look. And, if you plan to upgrade counters, backsplash and floors, you must follow through on your cabinets, too.

Choose quartz or granite, if possible. You want the counter to be something you love yet something not too generic – something seen in every home — and not too crazy. This is true for bathroom and kitchen. As for the backsplash, subway tile is a classic and can be done in any color.

Get rid of those old soffit’s and run cabinets to the ceiling. Choose cabinets that fit your home’s style. Flat fronts, for example, offer clean lines and go with transitional or contemporary looks. You might consider painting or staining your current cabinets to save money – but hire a professional. And, be aware that not all cabinets can be painted. Hardware is an easy, inexpensive upgrade any time. Selling Soon? Don’t Remodel.

Wood is a popular kitchen floor choice in Minnesota. It looks good and is softer on your back. In the bathroom, a heated tile floor is a nice luxury, and if the room isn’t too large, it’s worth the extra cost. According to Hanley Wood’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report for Minnesota, if you were to sell your home today, a mid-range kitchen remodel ($71,040) will give you about a 54% ROI; a minor kitchen remodel ($21,351) a 72.7% ROI. Mid-range bathroom ($22,723), 54.3% ROI. Of course, these are estimates and will change in the next few years. But why not invest in smart upgrades and enjoy them now.

By Butch Sprenger, Owner, Destiny Homes


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