Accesorizing a Room With Touches of Color

Home designer Liz Sprenger is known for her flair for adding to your home’s style with accessories that are simply stunning. Here are a few tips for accessorizing your home with your own personal touch. It may well start with a comfy over stuffed chair.


select the room's color scheme Selecting A Room’s Color Scheme


Choosing the room’s color scheme comes first. Colors can blend or clash, much depends on their composite balance to one another. Use a color wheel or simply engage the expertise of your home design therapist. Choose one or two colors for your accessories that will add a visual draw to the eyes to the room’s focal point. Accessories are meant to coordinate with your furniture and wall color. Contrasting colors add vibrancy to a room. If your furniture and walls are neutral, go bold with your accessories.


select the room's color scheme Accessorize With The Things You Love


A home is a haven when it filled with the people you love and objects that brings you joy. Once your main accessories are given a placement, add complementary pieces or consider adding a collection. Home will become a reflection of your interests, travels, hobbies, collections or favorites – when you begin with a much-loved item.


select the room's color scheme Accessorize In Groupings


Once you determine that an object adds just the right accent to your room, you may want to consider a grouping. When combining multiple objects together, vary their size and height. This goes for framed photos on the wall, throw pillows, candle sticks, antique vases and any other accent pieces. Mixing size and height adds visual interest to your guests visual experience. Using an odd numbers of each item when placing accessories in a group is automatically more appealing.


select the room's color scheme Use Lighting To Showcase A Room’s Accessories


Lighting dramatically adds instant impact and draws the eye to your room’s focal point. Light fixtures, side lamps, ceiling lighting all can be useful to complement the design style of your room. Destiny Homes uses chandeliers to sconces to recessed lighting with carefully planned effects to draw out the room’s best features and functions. Naturally building in daylight-filled rooms are boost to everyone’s spirit, though often unrecognized, it is proven as a given factor.


select the room's color scheme Designing Themed Rooms


Accessories are a great way to bring out a room’s theme; make it simple and consistent. When using a beach theme, shells and sea glass bring in that breezy feeling. For modern design, choose streamlined accessories that blend with your contemporary furniture, perhaps consider add more chrome colored items to the room. Success comes by keeping the theme in mind throughout the accessorizing stage to achieve a cohesive, well-balanced look.


select the room's color scheme Accessorizing With Floor Rugs


The floor is actually a perfect canvas to accessorize. Area rugs are an excellent way to add color and texture to a room. Stylish rugs fall in ranges that fit every color scheme, theme and budget range. Many home interior designers start with an area rug for a room’s accessorizing plan. The impact of a area rug is enormous and sets the stage for everything else that is added to the room’s decor.


Accessorizing your home involves adding the final touches to each room’s decor. Even if the furniture is perfectly positioned and the room is just as you envisioned, it needs the completion of a few well-placed accessories that pull it together. Call Destiny Home’s specialist, Liz Sprenger, to help you choose the style, color scheme and theme of the room for which accessories to add. Call 952-934-5706.


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